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Thanks for visiting my page! Let me give you a little information about me.  I am happily married for over 26 years now and I have one son, and one dog name Abby, (on the right) and just recently lost my other dog Amy (Left), which was very hard losing her after 15 1/2 years. She sure was my 4 legged child, and my shadow! Abby’s personality has certainly changed, but it’s for the good…I’m glad she is happy again, and I think it’s because she is the one getting all the attention these days! 🙂


I have been a business owner as an Independent Hairstylist for 6 years now. I’ve been doing hair for 24 years. I have honed my craft and I love it! I love being my own boss! It does have it’s advantages and disadvantages, but I think overall it’s where I’m supposed to be in life… The great thing about being your own boss is that you can work whenever you want, but as long as you always work!! Here is my space where  I now work. Totally love it here! So much space and the folks that work there are awesome to work with!!


Another thing I love is singing….

I always had a passion for singing since I was a kid. I used to pretend I was on stage singing and performing to an audience…and then I found Karaoke!


I used to be quite scared getting up in front of everyone. I would sing the first song and my hands would literally shake! I made it through the song and I was like, “This is fun and I want to do more!” My question was how do I get past my fear while learning more about how to improve myself?? I felt like I really wasn’t that good, cause there was others that had amazing voices. I picked very easy songs to sing so I wouldn’t embarrass myself. LOL

Well In 2011, I had a lot of time on my hands and I did an online search to learn how to create a better voice, I found a web site that would teach me to become a better singer….. I figured I would give it a shot and signed up for a set of these cd’s for beginning training.  After viewing them and applying what I have learned, I have come to find out that I really loved it!

I decided if I was going to learn how to sing, and get more confident then I should pay the monthly membership fee so I  can create a better voice. This was the start of it all for me..

For 8 months I would practice daily, and apply what I learned every time I would go out and karaoke.  After 8 months past by I started to notice over time my voice became stronger, clearer, and had so much more clarity and range. I also noticed that it was easier for me to get to higher notes without straining my voice!! I became more confident and sang through songs with ease… It seemed to become an addiction for me and all I wanted to do was sing more!!!

It all came to a halt when unfortunately I had to cancel my membership because I had bills I had to pay that were more important so I had to cancel because I felt that this was not a priority at the time. I never went back to continue my lessons, but for years I continued to sing at karaoke and actually gotten even better.  Not to brag, but the folks that ran the karaoke, as well as others, have told me that I had a great voice! Now I would say that is a boost of confidence for anyone!!

                                           You know what they say, ” practice makes perfect!”


music note

Contact me at: joyce@singingatune.com




  1. BeverlyB

    Nice post. We all have that turning point in our lives. I’m happy you’ve come back to what you love.

    1. admin (Post author)

      Thank you Beverly! yes everyone’s lives are interesting and busy to say the least…I am very passionate about singing and look forward to when I can belt out a few songs here and there when I go out… Thanks for your comment to my post….



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