Tips and tools before, during, and after singing

There are many foods and liquids that you SHOULDN’T eat if your planning on going out to karaoke!


You really want to stay away from Dairy products, especially milk, it will create a mucus film in your throat, making it hard to keep your voice clear. Ice cream is another bad mucus forming food that hinders the quality and the impact of your voice. Butter and cheeses can create the same effect as well,  so before you head out to sing, I would suggest staying clear of these foods…I would say, stay very hydrated if you don’t want to have any vocal issues. If you do happen to have soreness going on, try some lemon and honey to soothe the throat before a singing night out.


 Cheese, Ice Cream, Milk


Not only does Dairy products distort your voice, there are many other foods and drinks that pose a problem as well. Here are a few. Caffeine, spicy and acidic foods.


Some of these foods can irritate the throat, and caffeine will dehydrate you and tighten your muscles. Spicy foods can cause acid reflux while irritating the mucous membrane lining of the esophagus, and in the process can damage the pharynx. Try singing while your throat is on fire! Not a good feeling.

I also know that if you do have phlegm in your throat, eating spicy foods can break up the mucus.




                                                              Other liquids to stay clear of would be Alcohol…..



This could constrict the muscles in your throat which can affect the range of your voice. (But who can go into a bar and not have a drink! LOL). I’m just saying….. Remember that soda or anything with carbonation can create bubbles in your stomach and this can cause your diaphragm to have a spasm while trying to belt out a song! ( be careful, you just might burp while belting out a high pitch tune!). Might be scary! LOL

Everyone will react differently to food and beverages. Some people may not have any issues what so ever, and then you have some that it does effects pretty bad. Do a test and eat the foods that you should stay away from before you go and sing and see what kind of reaction you have, and see if they pose an issue and then stay clear from it for the next best singing night out!


After staying away from all the foods and drink I mentioned, and If you find that you have a lot of mucus you can’t get rid of then you might want to check this video out to learn a bit more. Very educational!



              Happy Singing!!            






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