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Technology today allows people to learn online in the comfort of their own homes. There are many online programs for a monthly fee AND  can be done on your own pace and schedule… That’s what I did in 2011 and it changed my confidence and it took away the fear I felt when I went on stage. ” I was like if this doesn’t kill me nothing will! “

I always say that if you really want to hear yourself sing then you will need a microphone and a recording device to really hear the way you sound. The next generation of EnterTech MagicSing Microphone is reasonably cost so you can practice and really get an idea of your singing potential.

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Anyone can learn to sing, you can learn anything in life that you are passionate about.

If you want to take your first lesson then keep reading..


You can either hum or sing it with an open mouth.

The first thing you want to be aware of is your breathing.. if your going to sing a note and it’s a long one you want to be aware of your breathing before you produce the note…. you want to envision a music scale with the notes starting from left bottom to  the right top of the scale and back down again, like in this diagram below.  When you’re starting from the left and you see the note going slowly up the scale you will increase the volume and the tone of your voice as you move up the scale. This also goes for when you see the note going back down the scale, your going to bring your voice down to a lower note.. Go ahead try it! Now, look at this scale with the notes below and how they are moving up and down the scale. You’re going to sing from low to high to back down to low on this scale. When you practice, you can either hum or sing ah ah ah ah ah ah, go ahead, try it!

If you’re really serious about wanting to learn to sing and be good at it, then it takes some time and investment, but it all depends on how committed and serious you really are. Way back when when I was serious about honing my voice I researched different programs. There are many out there, but you have to look at the stats of the program. I actually recommend this one. It’s Guaranteed! What more do you want?? :))


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Learn how to sing and be good at what you want to do 








  1. Jaime

    I took a lot of vocal lessons as a kid, and I remember that I wasn’t very good. I couldn’t carry a tune or match a pitch. My mom thought I was tone deaf and it was a permanent thing, but then I found a great teacher who actually taught me how to sing quite well. I was hoping for a bit more on this post, breaking down how to learn a song or sing a tune, but breathing is definitely where to start. I look forward to reading more soon.

    1. admin

      Hi Jaime,

      Thank you for your input, glad to hear that your voice improved thanks to a great teacher! I’m planning on adding more to my page. There is alot to singing and learning how to sing. Yes please stay posted since I will be updating and adding more to my site..  Thanks!


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