Love what you do!!

I always say, you will be successful if you love what you do….. I love to sing, and try different songs from different artists. I like to push the limit to what I can sing. I am also very versatile in that way. Years ago, I signed up online with this voice program, and for 8 months I practiced, and it helped build up my voice skills. I received a lot out of that program, and am very grateful I found it years ago. I’ve been told that I pretty much can sing anything, and that makes me feel real good!

I totally love to go karaoke and wish I could do it all the time, but life gets in the way. I work as a independent hairstylist so I can make my own hours. I LOVE what I do!! It gives me time to work on new material, and when I go karaoke it gives me the chance to practice and hon that skill.

If you love to sing, get yourself into a program, and study, and practice, practice, practice!



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