Taking the first steps

Taking the first steps can be a challenge, but if you are passionate enough and take the time to research different programs so you can change your voice, and not sound like they just heard nails scratching on a blackboard!! YIKES!

You want to learn how to sing a tune but you think, or even say you really can’t sing?? Anyone can do anything they put their heart, mind, and soul to, but only if that is what you want… I know I did, and it’s changed me, and now I love what I do. I even created this website because I’m just so passionate about it. I want to help others achieve what I have accomplished.

You say you don’t know where to start, or what kind of information you need to learn. It starts with taking the first steps.




Step 1. Commit to wanting to learn!

Are you serious about learning to sing and what does it takes to be the best you can be? Are you committed? Are you ready?

Step 2. Find a program with one that you can learn and relate to the teacher and make sure that the program is a right fit for you…

Here is one that I highly recommend to you that would be beneficial to someone new to this, try Singorama, the essential guide to singing, it will help you tremendously, and with a lot of determination and practice,  your voice will really show the results and so will everyone else!

But before you make a purchase, you will want to research different programs because they’re so many to choose from, and you also want it to resonate with you and your personality. Taking time to do this will benefit the outcome of your learning. There are many programs out there that are more expensive than others, and it all comes down to your budget on what you are willing to spend, and what you want to accomplish. You want to get the best bang for your buck! ( as they say!)

Pitchperfector Trains You To Sing On Pitch In 10 Minutes!
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Once you do find a program and are committed to doing your lessons, make it fun, keep it simple, and keep going! And of course, depending on your budget, and how you feel like you have progressed enough to make you feel comfortable on stage, then make that decision on stopping the program or sticking with it… Cause not only do you have to commit to making the time but you will also be spending more money if you don’t have to.

Step 3. Found a program!!! now commit and practice 3-5 times a week, do each lesson and perfect it!

O.K. so now you found a program, NOW you just need to commit 3- 5 times a week since your making the monthly payments, and you want to get your money worth I am sure. What I used to do what create like a booklet and each day I would put the lesson down and practice it at least 2-3 times until I felt I got it and I know I was ready to move onto the next lesson. So keeping notes is key as well as practice, practice, practice!

Step 4. Belt out your voice everywhere you sing!

My suggestions are that you want to pick songs that are in your range, I would say start off with easy songs. My first songs used to be from Cindi Lauper, called Time after Time, and then I got daring and would sing, ” Girls just wanna have fun”.
Practicing a few songs before you head out for karaoke will give you confidence while people think you sound really good!

I can’t stress enough that practice is the key, practice and sing whenever you can, in the shower when you’re blasting your iPod or on your docking station while it’s on full blast so no one can hear you! LOL! or even singing on your way into work works too if you’re worried about anyone hearing you… Try to sing a few favorites and make them your favorites, until you get tired of singing them and move on to bigger and better songs! We all have to start somewhere!

Step 5. Be proud of what you learned and have loads of fun doing it!!

Always great when you feel like you have accomplished something, and it’s even greater when you see the difference in how much your voice has changed  Commit to learning, practicing and making it happen!!

 You will be surprised what you can sing! I know I’ve come along way and I’m loving the whole journey of it all!



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