Vocal Exercises

Before you start to sing it is important and helpful if you did some exercises so you can have a better outcome when you head out to sing. This helps open up the diaphragm and gets your voice in tune. Here are a few diagrams for you to follow and practice, it will make all the difference in the world when you sing.. You first want to start off with doing deep breathing exercises. Taking in deep breaths through your nose and releasing through your mouth. When you take that deep breath through your nose. Picture your diaphragm expanding outward when you take a deep breath, now when you blow your air out you want to bring your diaphragm back in.

Here are some more vocal exercises you can practice

1.) You will want to do some vocal warm-ups. You want to make sure your posture is straight, and you want to roll your shoulders up to your head and bringing your shoulders back and doing this in a rolling motion. Doing this will release any tension you have in your chest and begin to get you warmed up for your performance.

2.) Next, you want warm-up by shaking your wrists, ( now you ask, why do this when you’re not singing with your hands)? You want to get blood to flow throughout your arms and loosen up your arm and hand area. Just take deep breathes while you are doing this.

3.) While shaking your wrists you want to continue shaking your head back and forth, and you can also move your neck around side to side while this will loosen up your neck muscles. Continue to deep breathe…

4.) The last warm-up is to massage your checks and your neck. You also want to move your jaw around from side to side, open and close and then move down to your neck and massage, keep breathing throughout this whole process. This whole process will help you loosen up and create a better outcome.


How can you improve your vocal cords?
  1. You want to exercise your cords on a daily basis.
  2. Keeping your cords lubricated in a good thing, your vocal cords live for water. …
  3. Stop straining, and sing what is in your range.
  4. Getting adequate rest.
  5. Staying away from “bad singing” foods/drinks.
  6. BONUS: Don’t use sore throat spray. Lemon and salt help me clear my throat.